Phenix Auto-staking

Learn all about our RX3 Protocol and auto-staking system

What is the Phenix Auto-staking system?

Phenix Finance token offers a wide array of expanding benefits as our ecosystem grows. One of our major incentives is providing a sustainable and consistent method of powerful rewards through our RX3 Protocol. This is a unique offering on the CRONOS Blockchain.

Our RX3 Protocol offers PHNX Token holders over 66,666% APY (around 67,188.209% APY) that is ultimately sustained through controlled weekly burns and buy-backs through the Phenix Fund Reserve (PFR).

Want to calculate your potential RX3 protocol rewards while holding PHNX tokens? Check out our rewards calculator on our Dashboard here:

RX3 stands for Rapid Relative Rebase. What this means is that after each interaction with the contract, a positive rebase is performed relative to the last rebase time and the set reward rate.

The current reward rate is a minimum of 1.8% daily ROI. This amount rapidly scales up depending on the amount of activity. The more transactions, there will be an exponential increase in yield for all token holders.

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