Managing wallet assets

Learn how to manage wallet assets in the Phenix Vault MaaS UI.

Importing Tokens

The Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet supports all custom ERC20 token imports on the current blockchain where your wallet resides.

All token imports can be managed directly via the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet user interface through Wallet Actions > Manage Assets

On this page, you will be able to import new tokens and delete existing tokens imports. All imported tokens are shared and synced across all wallet owners which reduces the time needed to setup your wallet.

Importing custom tokens is a very simple process. This can be done by simply clicking the "Import New Token" button.

In this example, we will be importing USD Coin (USDC) on the CRONOS Chain. The custom token import process is extremely similar to the process of importing a token on a normal EOA wallet (like Metamask).

Simply enter the token contract address (In our example, the token contract address of USDC is: 0xc21223249ca28397b4b6541dffaecc539bff0c59)

Once you enter (or paste) the token contract address into the field, continue to the next input field, and wait for the Token Symbol and Token Decimals to automatically load in. If these do not load in, there was an issue with the token contract address provided.

Once the information has loaded into the input fields, simply click "Import" and wait for the token to import into your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet.

Once completed, you should see the updated list of imported token assets. If your custom token import has data available on CoinGecko, the icon and price information will feed into the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet user interface.

Deleting Importing Tokens

Deleting imported tokens is very simple on the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet user interface. This can be done by clicking the "Rubbish" icon and then by clicking the confirmation.

Deleting imported tokens does not delete the tokens from your wallet permanantly. If you wish to import the custom token back to your wallet, please follow the initial steps.

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