Phenix Vault

Notice: The Phenix Vault decentralized application has not been released. The following information discussed the different features of the application and what issues we aim to resolve in the DeFi crypto space. This application is still in the early stages of development and release date is yet to be decided.

What is the Phenix Vault?

The Phenix Vault will be a much-needed resource in the malicious, dangerous, and mysterious DeFi space we currently experience. The Phenix Vault will operate as a decentralized application and provide a wide array of services to different projects to provide a high level of security to assets and contracts. These features will range from highly customizable Token Vesting, all the way to blockchain monitoring for suspicious activity.

What services can we expect in the Phenix Vault?

Here are some of the amazing and secure features investors and project owners can expect within the Phenix Vault:

  • Customizable token vesting

  • Multi-signature contract

  • Easy-to-use user interface

  • Blockchain activity monitoring

  • 1-Click customizable token creation

  • Secure and customizable token launchpad

  • Rug alerts

How does this benefit the project and our investors?

The Phenix Vault is a unique DeFi offering that will gain a lot of traction from investors and project owners in the crypto space. The fees associated with the use of different aspects of the dApp will be used to aid developments to the entire ecosystem to bring it to new heights. As an investor, Phenix Finance's success will also be your success.

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