MaaS Introduction

Learn all about the Multi-sig-as-a-Service (MaaS) feature within the Phenix Vault offering

Please note that information regarding the upcoming Phenix Vault MaaS offering is still being finalized.

What is a multi-signature wallet?

A Multi-signature wallet is a secure and advanced alternative to the standard externally owned (EOA) wallet that most individuals will use in the Defi space. The major issue with standard EOA wallets is that they pose potential threats to the funds stored as anyone with the wallet's private key can send the funds anywhere.

Individuals or teams that decide to use a normal EOA wallet are taking risks with their funds as access can be easily violated by the internal wallet owners or by an unknown third party.

A multi-signature wallet provides an interface for a number of wallet owners to sign and approve transactions before they're minted on the blockchain. This allows both project/team funds to stay safe and completely decentralized. One issue with Multi-signature wallets is that they can be complicated to set up and dangerous if they're used incorrectly. Phenix Finance offers a solution in the form of our MaaS which makes accessing a multi-signature wallet easy, affordable, and secure.

Phenix Vault MaaS Utility

The Phenix Vault MaaS allows users to generate a multi-signature wallet with up to 10 unique owners and provides access to the feature-full and advanced Phenix MaaS User interface that will allow you and your team safely and efficiently manage your assets.

Please note that the Phenix Vault MaaS offering is only available on the Cronos Chain as of now. The Phenix Finance team will later launch this offering on EVM-supported chains such as Polygon, Ethereum, BSC, and more.

Available Chains


Cronos Mainet



Coming soon


Coming soon

Binance Smart Chain

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