Tokenomics (V3)

Learn all our the Phenix Finance tokenomics

Phenix Finance Tokenomics Cronos

The information below is an overview of the Phenix Finance tokenomics:

  • Token name: Phenix Finance

  • Token symbol: PHNX

  • Initial token supply: 1,000,000

  • Public token allocation: 250,000 (25%)

  • Presale allocation: 350,000 (35%)

  • Airdrop Allocation: 300,000 (30%)

  • Team and Partnership allocation: 100,000 (10%)

Sale Information

Stage 1: Token Presale

Stage 2: Public Sale (MMF DEX Listing)

  • Sale rate: 1 PHNX = 2 CRO

  • Location: MMF DEX (Cronos)

Phenix Finance Tokenomics Polygon

  • Information coming soon.

Trading Fee Allocations

Trading fees on our token go towards our ecosystem and support future developments as well as providing automatic liquidity to ensure price volatility is reduced and that the price floor continues to rise.

Buy Fees

The following fees are applied when another token is swapped in exchange for PHNX tokens:

  • Total fee: 8% (*)

    • During the first three weeks of launch, the fee for buying is reduced to 5% to incentivize and promote further investment opportunities for Phenix Finance during the initial period.

Sell Fees

The following fees are applied when PHNX token is swapped in exchange for any other token:

  • Total fee: 13% (*)

    • During the first three weeks of launch, the selling fee is increased to 18% to incentivize and promote holding during the initial launch period and ultimately reduce extreme volatility.

(* The Phenix Token Burn Allocation is sent to the burn address at the start of every month alongside a community announcement.)

Why are there trading fees?

The current trading fees in place support our growing ecosystem. The fees that you will experience will essentially go directly back into the ecosystem in the form of rewards, buy-backs, project development, and much much more! We will continue to review our trading fees as a project progresses to make entry and exit more desirable for all investors.

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