Phenix Payroll

Learn all about our revolutionary Phenix Payroll System

Notice: The Phenix Payroll decentralized application has not been released yet. The information below covers what the Phenix Payroll system will over as utility within our ecosystem, project owners, and investors alike. Note that this information is subject to change as our project progresses.

What is the Phenix Payroll System?

The Phenix Payroll System will be a revolutionary, multi-chain, and secure decentralized application that allows business and project owners to utilize the world of DeFi to manage their payroll. We at Phenix Finance acknowledge the inevitability of crypto sinking its teeth into all aspects of our lives in the coming years.

How will the Phenix Payroll System work?

The Phenix Payroll system will work by providing project and business owners with an interface to track their current balance and manage a series of automated crypto payments to all their employees with a fully integrated scheduling system. On top of this, the interface will provide an array of statistics so that informed business and project decisions can be determined in terms of resource allocations and requirements.

The user interface of the application will be super easy to use and will interact with our secure smart contracts so that everyone can utilize the amazing power of the Phenix Payroll System. More specifics in terms of information on the application will arrive as our project progresses!

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