Swapping Tokens

Learn all about swapping tokens on the Phenix DEX

How can I swap tokens on the Phenix DEX?

Token swapping on Phenix DEX is a breeze and follows a straightforward process similar to that of other Uniswap V2 DEX Forks. The "Swap" page makes it a breeze to exchange your tokens - simply enter the tokens you want to trade (the first token being what you're giving up and the second token being what you're receiving).

How can I configure settings for my swaps on the Phenix DEX?

Easily manage your Phenix DEX settings by clicking on the "Settings" cog icon located in the top right corner of the user interface. This provides you with an overview of the connected user and displays your current CRO/MATIC and PHNX balances. From here, you can adjust various settings such as slippage, transaction deadline, swap speed, and more.

Are there any fees for trading on the Phenix DEX?

The Phenix DEX charges one of the smallest fees in the DeFi space on both Cronos Mainnet and Polygon POS Chain. All swaps made incur 0.15% of the trade.

0.10% of this fee is allocated to liquidity providers as a reward for supporting the Decentralized Exchange. 0.05% of this fee is allocated to the Phenix Finance project team. These funds will be used for project development, buybacks and burns, and community events.

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