What is TaaS?

Learn all about the additional Transparency-as-a-Service addon to the Phenix Vault MaaS Offering.

What is Transparency-as-a-Service in the Phenix Vault MaaS?

Transparency-as-a-Service is a one-of-a-kind service that is integrated alongside the Phenix Vault MaaS as an add-on.

The TaaS safely and securely exposes your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet to a dedicated (and customizable) page within our DApp that shows the activities of your team's wallet.

What is the need for TaaS?

As we know, transparency and trust are two elements of the Defi space which are hard to come by, and by creating ease in communication with investors and community members we can empower the image of the team and create better first impressions.

By being transparent with team or project funds, you can allow your community to have a level of asset visibility that would otherwise be difficult to facilitate as most users are familiar with hard-to-decipher information on blockchain explorers.

Managing TaaS Settings

Once you have access to your TaaS Multi-signature wallet, you will be able to control what information is displayed on the Phenix Vault Transparency Page. To manage the TaaS settings, click Settings > Manage Transparency+ Settings within your Phenix Vault Multi-signature Wallet user interface.

Within the settings, you will be able to control the following information:

  • Transparency+ Page Display Name

    • Allows for the owners to set a custom name for the Phenix Vault Transparency+ Page. Please ensure your team chooses a sensible name that represents your team or project.

  • Transparency+ Page Status

    • Can be enabled or disabled

  • Owner Names

    • Can be enabled or disabled

  • Token Balances

    • Can be enabled or disabled

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