Adding wallet funds

Learn how to add wallet funds to Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet.

Adding token funds into the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet

Sending funds into your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet is a simple process that matches the same process of sending tokens to any normal address.

When you wish to send tokens to your wallet, you may simply click the "Receive" button for any of the assets you wish to receive. In the example below, the page shows the information needed to receive Phenix (PHNX) on CRONOS Chain

Please do not send any assets to the address below as this is being used for education purposes.

Once the information has appeared, copy the receiver address (or alternately scan the QR Code on your chosen wallet) and send token funds as needed.

It is absolutely crucial that you send the correct tokens and on the correct chain as sending the incorrect tokens may result in permanent loss. The Phenix Finance team cannot recover lost funds and the wallet owners hold full responsibility.

The Phenix Finance team advises sending a small number of tokens first to ensure your process of sending tokens works. You can confirm that assets have been received by checking your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet asset list.

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