Creating transactions

Learn how to create new transactions on the Phenix Vault MaaS UI.

Sending Tokens

Creating transactions on the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet user interface is a simple process that can be completed by all wallet owners.

To submit a transaction that sends tokens, this can be done by clicking the "Send" button on any of your listed token assets.

Once you have clicked, the "Send" button, the "Create New Transaction" window opens to begin the token transfer submission.

To continue with the transaction submission, you will need to define the following information:

  • Transfer Address

    • The transfer address you wish to send the transaction to on the blockchain

    • You may also select a pre-defined recipient in the "Select Recipient" drop-down (Saved Address can be managed in Settings > Manage Saved Addresses)

  • Transfer Amount

    • The number of selected tokens you wish to send in the submitted transaction.

    • This value cannot exceed the current balance of tokens held in your wallet (and it cannot be 0)

  • Additional Note (Optional)

    • An optional note that helps make it clear as to why this transaction is being made.

In the example above (Figure 2), a token transfer submission is prepared to send 25 PHNX tokens. Once you are ready to submit your transaction, simply press the "Submit Transaction" button.

Please note you will need to pay a small gas fee when submitting transactions on the Phenix Vault Multi-signature Wallet.

Once the transaction successfully submits, you will receive a success notification via the Phenix Vault Multi-signature Wallet user interface.

After this time, you will be able to go to Wallet Actions > Manage Transactions to see your submitted transaction.

Custom Transactions (Advance)

You may in some circumstances need more power when submitting transactions. For this, the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallets offer the ability to send transactions with advanced settings.

Please make sure you understand what transaction data is being submitted before using this function. We advise using the HashEx ABI Encoding Service to generate ABI-Encode data (HashEx is not affiliated with Phenix Finance)

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