Phenix Fund Reserve

Learn all about our Phenix Fund Reserve and what purpose it serves in our ecosystem

What is the Phenix Fund Reserve (PFR)?

The Phenix Fund Reserve (better known in our ecosystem as the PFR) is a dedicated multi-function and protected wallet that is used for all facets of our project. This use spans from reward sustainability all the way to project development funding.

Here is a comprehensive list of all things that the PFR is used for within our project:

  • APY sustainability through strategic buy-backs and burns.

  • Marketing funds to push our vision to new and effective audiences.

  • Development costs.

  • Resource costs.

Why don't we separate resource funds into different wallets?

From a logical and ethical perspective, we believe it is best that funding that is provided from trading fees is sent to one central location (the PFR wallet). This makes it much easier for us to be transparent about our expenditures and easier for you (the community) to see what we're exactly doing with the funds.

From a technical point of view, aggregating multiple transactions to multiple wallets would result in more gas fees on the investors part, which is something we wanted to avoid (even if they are minuscule)

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