2022 Objectives

Quarter 1

  • White-paper and Roadmap release.
  • Phenix Finance Website release.
  • Initial marketing push to build up communities.
  • Contract Auditing + Testing Finalized
  • PHNX Token contract deployment
  • Phenix Vesting Vault contract deployment (2-year lock)
  • PHNX Token private sale.
  • PHNX Token public pre-sale
  • PHNX Token public release.
  • Coin Gecko Token Listing.
  • Coin Marketcap Token Listing
  • DeFi Wallet Listing
  • Partnership AMAs

Quarter 2

  • NFT Announcement
  • Phenix Finance Dashboard app release
  • Phenix NFT Series release
  • Phenix Lotto Pool (PLP) release
  • Solidity Finance Audit
  • Flaming Phenix Club NFT Staking Pool

Quarter 3

  • Phenix Vault: KYC Services
  • Phenix Vault: Multi-Sign-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Phenix Mystery Boxes Release
  • Phenix Finance: Dashboard DAPP Multi-chain Access
  • KYC by Phenix as-a-Service

Quarter 4

  • Phenix Token Launch on Polygon Chain
  • Coin Gecko and Coin Marketcap listing Polygon Chain
  • Flaming Phenix Club NFT Polygon Launch
  • Flaming Phenix Club NFT Staking Polygon
  • Phenix Finance World Cup NFT mint-event
  • Eco-system extending Polygon
  • Phenix Vault: Customized Token Vesting Vault
  • Phenix Finance: DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Announcement