Managing transactions

Learn how to manage transactions on the Phenix Vault MaaS UI.

Managing Transactions

All submitted transactions on the Phenix Vault Multi-signature Wallet can be easily managed within the user interface.

To access the transaction management window, click "Manage Transactions" under the "Wallet Actions" section.

Once opened, you will see a summary of all submitted transactions within your Phenix Vault Multi-signature Wallet. You will be able to see a list of all owners that have signed transactions and the current status of each of the submitted transactions.

The following actions can be performed while managing transactions:

  • Signing Transactions

    • As an owner, you will need to sign transactions before they can be executed on the blockchain. The submitted transactions must reach the minimum confirmations before they can be executed.

    • Individual owners can sign transactions by clicking "Sign". When signing transactions, no gas is expended.

  • Executing Transactions

    • Once your submitted transactions have reached the minimum confirmations (signatures), they can be executed by all owners by pressing "Execute"

    • Please note that executing transactions costs gas at the expense of the caller.

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