Manage your wallet

Become accustom to the Phenix Vault MaaS User interface.

Getting to know the Phenix Vault MaaS User Interface

The Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet Interface is extremely simple and easy to work around for all wallet owners.

The MaaS UI is divided into different sections that make up for all of the information related to your wallet settings, assets, owners, and transactions.

The upper section of the UI represents a base summary of your current Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet which includes the following information:

  • Wallet Valuation (USD)

    • An estimated market value of the total assets held within your Multi-signature wallet. Please note that the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet sources its price data from CoinGecko.

  • Number of Owners

    • The number of owners your Multi-signature wallet has been configured to use during operation.

  • Number of transactions

    • The total number of transactions that have been submitted via the Phenix Multi-signature UI.

  • Wallet Type

    • The current type of Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet is in use.

The second section of the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet UI is the "Your Assets" section. Here, there will be a full list of assets that are safely stored within your wallet for use. Tokens can be simply imported into the Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet via the UI then assets can be sent in.

The final section contains a list of actions that can be used to manage all facets of your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet. This includes:

  • Creating New Transactions

  • Managing Existing Transactions

  • Managing Token Assets

  • Managing Multi-sig Wallet Settings

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