Phenix Lotto Pool

Learn all about our rewarding Phenix Lotto Pool

Notice: The Phenix Lotto Pool is under construction. More information about the lotto V2 soon.

What is the Phenix Lotto Pool?

The Phenix Lotto Pool is a P2E (Play-to-earn) lottery pool that offers consistent and large prize pools for all participants. Entry into the Phenix Lotto Pool (PLP) will require the user to deposit tokens into the pool in exchange for tickets. As long as your tokens are inside the pool, you're in the draw to win a prize generated over the course of the lotto period.

How do I enter the Phenix Lotto Pool?

Once the PLP has launched, investors will be able to deposit tokens into the pool via our dashboard application on the dedicated PLP page. It will be a simple process of approving X amount of PHNX Tokens and depositing into the draw! There will be no minimum token amount to enter the PLP.

What rewards can I expect in the Phenix Lotto Pool?

Each draw of the PLP will be run over the course of a week (7 day entry period). Rewards generated from tokens within the pool via the RX3 Protocol will go towards the total prize pool. To ensure users that have tokens within the PLP still earn rewards even if they don't win, we have the following reward structure:

  • Phenix Lotto Prize Pool Rewards: 75% of RX3 Protocol Rebase

    • 10 lucky winners

  • Guaranteed PHNX Rewards: 15% of RX3 Protocol Rebase

    • Rewarded to everyone inside the PLP in the form of Tickets

  • Token Burn Allocation: 10% of RX3 Protocol Rebase

    • Provides a level of price stability

What happens after a draw has finished?

When the PLP draw finishes, all PHNX token rewards will be distributed to everyone (as well as the 10 lucky winners of the majority prize pool). All tokens that have been entered into the PLP will remain there until users have withdrawn the tokens which means you can play forever without the risk of losing any tokens! There will be penalties for users that leave the PLP early as a means to prevent abuse which will last 10 days from when tokens were last deposited into the PLP pool.

This penalty will be 20% of what is withdrawn IF the early withdrawal fee still persists.

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