Phenix NFT Series

Learn all about the upcoming Phenix NFT Series and what benefits it will add to the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

Minting has now been completed for the Flaming Phenix Club on Cronos Chain. We have successfully sold out of all 6666 FPC NFTs. You can view our collection here:

The Flaming Phenix Club NFTs will be available 25 November 2022 on Polygon Chain

The Phenix NFT Series (Flaming Phenix Club) is an ecosystem-based, Non-fungible token collection on the CRONOS chain and Polygon chain, that aims to provide powerful utility within the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

Other than being highly rewarding and valuable assets in the Phenix Finance Ecosystem, the Phenix NFT Series will illustrate a powerful collection of 6,666 stunningly beautiful, fiery, and unique creatures that will make their mark within the CRONOS and Polygon NFT Space.

What benefits are there while holding a Phenix NFT?

The Phenix NFTs will be an aspect of our ecosystem that will live on forever with a multitude of utilities that will increase as our ecosystem continuously expands. Here are some of the benefits we have set out for our Phenix NFT holders.

  • One-of-a-kind Phenix NFT

    • You're very own, unique, PFP Style Phenix NFT that you will hold complete IP rights of while you hold it. Wear it with pride!

  • Phenix NFT Staking Pool

    • Premium NFT Staking Pool that rewards stakeholders in PHNX Token

  • Access to the free weekly Flaming Phenix Mystery Boxes

    • Open weekly mystery boxes for free with your FPC NFT for prizes in PHNX, CRO or Matic.

    • You'll also receive a discount on all paid Phenix Mystery Boxes

  • Phenix Lotto Pool Chance Multiplier

    • Have increased chances of winning the weekly draw while participating in the Phenix Lotto Pool! For each FPC NFT You own, you'll increase your tickets by 1% in the Phenix Lotto Pool (1.01x increase per NFT)

  • Reduced Fees on all Phenix Finance DApps!

    • As our ecosystem expands, holding a Phenix NFT will be your key to reduced fees on all our decentralized services and applications (PHNX Token fees will NOT change for NFT Holders)

  • Early Access!

    • Gain early access to upcoming releases within our ecosystem!

  • And much more to come!

    • Our ecosystem will constantly be changing which gives us the opportunity to provide even more amazing utility and access to our Phenix NFT holders! It's an NFT that packs a punch!

    • We are also looking to have an NFT Multiverse experience (in the form of a DeFi game). More information to come on this addition.

What network/chain will the Phenix NFT Series be on?

The Phenix NFT Series will be on the CRONOS Blockchain initial and from 25 November 2022 on the Polygon Chain. The Phenix NFT Series may span cross-chain if needed. This will be evaluated as our ecosystem and project expands and grows.

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